About Us

Our Mission 

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Our Greek saffron is a gift of nature. With its soothing taste and wealth of health benefits, it is no wonder it is worth more than its weight in gold! It is our aim to introduce the benefits of our unique herbal teas to the world, and to encourage others to include our restorative and energizing concoctions in their daily routine as part of a healthy and happy lifestyle, pointed towards physical and mental health and wellbeing.

What Makes Us Different 

Herbal Tea - Premium organic ingredients

Premium organic ingredients. Exceptional quality. Rich and exhilarating flavour. Revitalizing health benefits. These are the things that make our teas so special. Although there are many delicious herbal teas on the market, none can match the outstanding quality of our luxurious herbal combinations. Our ingredients are of the highest quality and are potent in aroma, taste, and effect. This is more than a nice cup of tea; it is a way of life.

Our Teas 

Organic Red Saffron Teas

The organic red saffron used in all of our teas is the best in the world, harvested from the nutrient rich plains outside the city of Kozani in northern Greece. Each of our five vibrant tea flavours has been designed to be not only delicious, but to promote specific health benefits. We have a tea for every occasion, situation and time of day. 

Each infusion is packed with goodness, flavour and wellness benefits, thanks to our amazing organic ingredients. Need an energizing start to your day? Our Orange and honey infusion offers a zing and a boost. After some extra help in managing your blood sugar levels? Then we can recommend our miraculous Cinnamon and clove combination. Our lemongrass and mint flavour is ideal for summer drinking, our liquorice and ginger concoction is a potent anti-inflammatory, and our sage and lemon verbena blend works wonders on digestive issues.

Our Process 

Saffron Flower Stigmas - Herbal Saffron Tea

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, and with good reason! Indeed, it has many medicinal properties, but more notably, the process of harvesting and processing our saffron requires extreme care, love and patience. Our Protected Designation of Origin-certified saffron is grown in northern Greece, carefully cultivated by the Saffron Producers Cooperative. Each flower produces only three stigmas of saffron, meaning that 170,000 flowers must be harvested to produce just 1kg of saffron. Our teas are designed to get every last drop of flavour and nutrition out of this most valuable of spices, to ensure that our teas are as vibrant, comforting and effective as possible.

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