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Teas to Keep You Warm, Healthy & Cosy


Herbal Tea: For Health, Energy and Comfort

Krocus Kozanis Greek saffron serves as the foundation for all five of our delicious and highly nutritious herbal teas. Saffron is a highly valuable ingredient, not only due to its short harvest window, but also because of its wealth of medicinal properties and health benefits. We pair the most expensive spice in the world with premium organic ingredients, creating concoctions that are entirely unique, truly uplifting, and the perfect addition to a healthy and mindful lifestyle.

  • Weight Loss

    Improves metabolism and replaces hunger to aid weight loss

  • Aphrodisiac

    Helps to boost your Libido through natural stimulants

  • Antidepressant

    Brightens the mood and alleviates symptoms of anxiety and depression

  • Memory Boost

    Powerful Antioxidants Can Improve Memory Retention

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