Uplifting Luxury Orange, Honey & Greek Saffron Tea


Uplifting Luxury Orange, Honey & Greek Saffron Tea

We are excited to share the deluxe, clean taste of this delicious orange, honey and Greek saffron tea. Packed full of luxurious, whole ingredients, this lively, sumptuous treat is perfect for high-end brew lovers, connoisseurs and health.

Greek Red Saffron - Drink 4,000 Years Of Health Benefits 

Organic Red Saffron

● Full of antioxidants and flavonoids which help protect against disease

● Can boost mood and aid in reducing the symptoms of depression

● Can reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome

Included in the tea is organic Greek Red Saffron, a luxury ingredient famed for its incredible flavour and diverse range of health benefits. 

This rich red sunshine spice comes from sativus Linne crocus flower which only flowers for a few weeks in October and November. The red stigmas of the flowers are then hand-picked and dried ready to be used in a wide variety of products, including our beautiful tea.

We know that the flavour of this high living brew is unrivalled, but there’s so much more to the inclusion of sweet, floral saffron. It’s known to help with; depression, heart health, menstrual pain, memory issues and cognitive issues to name a few.

Notably, saffron is absolutely full of antioxidants and flavonoids which help protect the human body from disease. A 2015 scientific paper concluded that saffron has even been shown to demonstrate potential anti-tumour and cancer prevention properties.

Refreshing Sweet Orange - Bright Flavour & Body Boost 

Orange Herbal Tea

● Can be helpful with weight loss by boosting fat loss and aiding digestion

● Could help prevent kidney stones

● High presence of vitamin C boosts skin health

The sweet, tangy orange in our tea is always a delight to drink. The flavour is awakening, refreshing and full, perfect for an energetic morning brew, afternoon boost, or citrusy post-meal cleanser.

There’s much more to this aromatic ingredient than its flavour alone though. Orange has exceptional health benefits that are unrivalled by many other fruits.

Orange peel is thought to help; prevent kidney stones, boost skin health, reduce the risk of certain cancers and heart disease, fight bacteria, work against the effects of certain auto-immune conditions, control blood sugar and fight against mouth ulcers.

Health conscious tea drinkers may be particularly interested in the potential weight loss benefits of orange peel. In orange tea it’s calorie free and delicious in its light, sweet flavour, which is the perfect pick-me-up when you’re cleaning up your diet. Additionally, it’s thought to promote fat burn and fight digestive issues.

Luscious Honey - Harvested To Help You Glow From The Inside Out

Honey Herbal Tea

● Rich in bioactive plant compounds acting as antioxidants

● Can boost immunity

● A healthy alternative to processed sugar and sweeteners

The indulgent, rich taste of honey truly enhances the overall flavour of our Organic Saffron Tea. Floral tones bring fragrance to the honey tea, whilst avoiding the sweetness being too overpowering.

Interestingly, honey not only brings a layer of light and happiness to your tea, but it brings a selection of great health benefits too. It is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids which come in the form of bioactive plant compounds. Because of these valuable benefits, high-quality honey in your tea could help reduce your risk of catching the common cold, and boost your immunity overall.

Orange, Honey & Greek Saffron Tea - An Elegant Beverage For The Conscious Cup.

Orange and honey herbal tea

When you enjoy our delightfully sweet orange, honey and Greek Saffron tea you’re investing your time in a luxurious taste sensation that’s designed to provide health benefits in every cup.

All of our teas are also organic farming products certified to contain organic ingredients that are sustainably and environmentally friendly in their production. So you can feel assured in the quality of the product you’re consuming.

Are you looking for a stunning range of deluxe healthy teas that delight in flavour?

Why not browse our full range of saffron tea bags and treat yourself to this essential daily luxury today? There really is no better way to enrich your life with the sunshine spice of saffron.

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