Comforting Premium Cinnamon, Clove & Greek Saffron Tea


Comforting Premium Cinnamon, Clove & Greek Saffron Tea

Our saffron based infusions are certainly delicious, but, most importantly, they reflect our passion for creating warming brews that significantly benefit the overall health of the drinker. Our ingredients are organic, their benefits are numerous, and our methods are both sustainable and rigorous; all of this being reflective of our passion for saffron infused teas. Whichever flavour you choose, we can guarantee warmth, comfort and satisfaction.

Organic red saffron, plucked with care from the protected land outside the city of Kozani, acts as the cornerstone ingredient to all five of our expertly concocted teas. This saffron is some of the world’s best, and its fantastic health benefits are only enhanced by the premium ingredients that have been placed alongside it.

Our Organic Saffron 

Saffron Harvesting
  • Aids weight loss by regulating the body’s metabolism
    • Reduces depressive symptoms and alleviates tension
      • Contains a rich array of antioxidants


      Saffron is a complex ingredient. Its many benefits and range of medicinal uses are one of the things that have made it so valuable, indeed, as you may know, it is worth more than its weight in gold. We use Greek red saffron as the foundation for our range of teas due to its gift for strengthening the immune system, as well as its ability to repair the body during sickness; it is both preventative and restorative.

      Another significant benefit of saffron is the regulation of hormones that effect the mood and stress, excellent for those with tendencies towards anxiety or depression. It also reduces appetite and regulates metabolism, therefore, if you are looking to burn off some weight, our saffron infused brews offer excellent support.

      This particular recipe sees our saffron work alongside another pair of our premium ingredients; cinnamon and cloves. These two flavours are known for their autumnal spice, aromas that we associate with sweet, hot desserts and warming winter concoctions. This particular combination is more than just delicious. Behind the lightly spiced flavour is a tea that is excellent at regulating blood sugar levels and promoting healthy blood circulation.


      • Has powerful anti-inflammatory properties
      • Regulates blood sugar levels
      • Helps to fight bacterial and fungal infections


      Cinnamon is readily available today, but in days gone by, the days of Ancient Egypt for example, it was both rare and valuable. This was, in part, due to its wealth of medicinal properties. Like many of the ingredients we use, cinnamon is packed full of antioxidants. However, its use in this particular brew is primarily down to its amazing ability to reduce blood sugar levels. Furthermore, it is also said to improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin; the chemical in your body that deals directly with metabolism and blood sugar regulation.


      • Nutrient rich
      • Helps to kill invasive bacteria
      • Improves liver health


      You do not see clove tea very often. This might be because cloves, although small in size, are a powerful and potent ingredient; both in flavour and property. Like cinnamon, they are used in this delicious recipe to help regulate blood sugar levels. The organic cloves used here are packed with extra nutrients, such as manganese and vitamin K; nutrients that are vital for blood health and for preventing circulation based conditions such as heart disease.

      All of our fantastic saffron teas are intended to become part of your routine, your attitude to overall health and, indeed, your way of life. This organic saffron, cinnamon and clove tea is a comforting, spicy flavour, for cold nights and early mornings. Due to its ability to regulate sugar levels, it is best taken after mealtimes. To find out more about our range of fantastic herbal teas, and to make your first order, visit our product page


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