Delicate Mint, Lemongrass & Greek Saffron Blend


Delicate Mint, Lemongrass & Greek Saffron Blend

Can the power of nature be captured in a brew? We reckon it can!

Which is why we’ve created a unique series of premium organic saffron teas, allowing you to experience the benefits this remarkable spice has to offer.

Saffron. Mint. Lemongrass. Three potent herbal ingredients possessing their own unique benefits, produced organically and blended together into one luxurious herbal tea you can enjoy daily.

We hear many customers exclaiming this is their favourite flavour. The menthol freshness of the mint fuses with the tantalising tang of fresh lemongrass, perfectly complementing the subtle yet lingering notes of delicate saffron spice. It helps that along with its attractive flavour, this blend is an absolute powerhouse of beneficial nutrients too.

Read on to find out how our Mint, Lemongrass & Greek Saffron tea blend could benefit you.

Benefits of Saffron

Saffron Spice

• Bursting with anti-depressant properties

• A powerful source of antioxidants

• Can help balance blood pressure and cholesterol

We use organic Greek Red Saffron in all of our saffron tea bags. Red saffron is widely known for its exquisite spicy flavour and characteristic yellow hue, making it a seasoning superstar in the kitchen. But did you know, the benefits of saffron scale way beyond this use? Saffron is said to have been used by humans as many as 3500 years ago, and has a long history of use for healing various health conditions. Organic saffron possesses powerful antioxidant properties, so it’s no wonder this special ingredient is the most expensive spice in the world. 

Saffron is extracted from the Crocus Saffron, which takes an astonishing three years to grow its flowers. Harvested by hand, it requires a lot of blossoms and dried stigmas to make a mere KG of the spice, making saffron a rare spice that’s often difficult to source.

This sought-after spice is known to be a powerhouse of anti-depressant and mood-boosting properties, so much so that it’s often nicknamed “the sunshine spice”. This makes saffron tea one to reach for if you suffer from low mood or energy and can provide a natural alternative for those who don’t seem to tolerate anti-depressant medications well. Saffron is also said to be ideal for balancing blood pressure and cholesterol levels, providing you protection against heart disease. What’s more, saffron can provide neurological benefits which can improve your memory and aid learning, while the rich antioxidant and flavonoid content of this spice boasts anti-carcinogenic and cell-protecting qualities and promotes naturally radiant skin and hair. 

Benefits of Mint 


• Aids and prevents digestive discomfort

• Good source of vitamins A and C, manganese and copper

• Fights bad breath

Mint is a master of herbs when it comes to your health, especially digestion. In fact, many people reach for an organic mint tea after dinner to settle and prevent digestive discomfort. We use peppermint and spearmint leaves in our mint herbal tea with lemongrass & saffron. Mint is an excellent source of vitamin A, manganese, copper and vitamin C, making it terrific for eye health, cardiovascular health and the immune system. Both peppermint and spearmint are also brimming with antioxidants which can help to prevent your cells from damaging free radicals. Not to mention, there’s nothing better than mint to fix bad breath!

Benefits of Lemongrass 


• Can boost fat-burning and lower blood sugar

• Great strengthener for the immune system

• Helps lower blood pressure

Many people opt to use lemongrass tea for weight loss, due to its purported effects on blood pressure, cholesterol and lipid profile. Lemongrass herbal tea can help to increase fat burning, lower blood sugar, and boost metabolism. In fact, with a low GI, low calories, and plenty of benefits, our organic lemongrass tea with mint and Greek saffron is an excellent beverage to enjoy if you’re trying to improve your health or slim down. Lemongrass is also turbocharged with vitamins and nutrients such as folate, vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium and magnesium, which are great for cleansing your body and strengthening your immune system.

So whether you’re seeking a mood-boost, better energy, digestion and memory, or relief from PMS, our Organic Mint, Lemongrass & Greek Saffron tea is a blend we particularly recommend. It’s a winning brew when it comes to weight loss too! Why not savour a moment to enjoy this special saffron tea blend before work, after meals or before bed to clarify and soothe?

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