Delicious Revitalising Ginger, Liquorice & Greek Saffron Green Tea


Delicious Revitalising Ginger, Liquorice & Greek Saffron Green Tea

Delicious Revitalising Ginger, Liquorice & Greek Saffron Green Tea 

We have created a delicious and nutritious range of saffron based herbal teas that offer more than your everyday herbal brew. The ingredients used in our teas are organic, sustainable, of the very best quality, offer optimum nutrition and offer luxurious comfort and flavour that we guarantee will have you coming back for more.

Every one of our five teas infuses sensational aromas and flavours with our stunning red saffron, grown in the rural plains outside the city of Kozani, Northern Greece. This saffron is some of the best in the world, and so, the amazing benefits of saffron are amplified by this most premium of products. 

Our Organic Saffron 

Saffron Harvesting Table

• A powerful and complex antioxidant

• Encourages metabolism, aiding weight loss

• Lifts mood and alleviates depressive symptoms 

Saffron is well known to be worth more than its weight in gold; no surprise considering its wealth of health benefits. It is known to be a powerful antioxidant, and so is perfect for regulating your gastrointestinal wellbeing. The array of antioxidants present in saffron also ensure a well-equipped immune system, making it a perfect addition to your diet in order to both keep sickness at bay, and to fend off bacteria if you do fall ill. It is also said to reduce appetite, which helps with weight loss, to lift the mood and treat depressive symptoms, and is even rumoured to work as an aphrodisiac!

In this particular tea, our premium saffron has been infused with liquorice and ginger. This combination is ideal for regulating your gut activity, and takes advantage of the amazing detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties of all three fantastic ingredients. This herbal green tea offers a robust taste; the combination of ginger, saffron and liquorice offers a rich, slightly tangy flavour, with both sett and bitter notes. It is perfect for a chilly evening or a sore throat. 



• Significantly reduces nausea

• Contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties

• Helps to soothe rawness and reduce muscle pain

Ginger has a reputation for being one of nature’s great natural medicines. It is a perfect ingredient for a winter green tea, as its warming properties help to promote excellent circulation and boost the immune system. Its phenomenal anti-inflammatory properties work with the other elements of this rich and hearty tea to create a super charged herbal brew that guards the body throughout the cold winter months. 

Liquorice Root 


• Improves respiratory health

• A proven stress regulator

• Protects the skin and teeth

Liquorice is, like the other ingredients, a wonderful antioxidant. However, it also brings fantastic stress relief. It is an adaptogenic herb, meaning that it regulates what is commonly known as the ‘stress hormone’ (cortisol). It also contains soothing properties, making it ideal for sore throats. This ingredient means that this herbal green tea is not only good for general health, but for amazing stress and pain relief at the end of a long day. 

Herbal green tea of this quality and potency is rare, and more than just a nice warm drink. Organic Saffron Teas are about an attitude, a way of life and essential to your health. 

This saffron, ginger and liquorice green tea is a delicious concoction that warms you from head to toe, keeps your body running regularly, and helps your immune system to retain strength and resilience. To order your first pack today, or to find out about our full range of fantastic herbal teas, take a look at our product page.


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